Rookies Stick Together

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The teleplay "Brian’s Song" is a true story about two men, Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers, who were rookies on the Chicago Bears Football Team. Gale was shy and Brian was talkative and outgoing. Brian was white and Gale was black, in the time of desegregation, a time of high racial tension, a time when it was odd, maybe dangerous for a white person and a black person to be friends. Despite their differences they found common ground and came to know each other, fight each other, and help each other.

Although friends Gale and Brian have differences, while Brain is talkative Gale is shy. Brain is outgoing and open to new people, meanwhile Gale isn’t good with words and usually has a guarded look an his face. Gale and Brian have personalities that are very different, yet they both have a sense of humor although Gale doesn’t show his often.

Gale doesn’t show his sense of humor because he is shy and has to be careful when in public because he is black in a more racially sensitive time.

Another difference between Brain and Gale is that while Gale is focus and serious, Brian plays a lot of jokes. Right when Gale arrives at the Chicago Bears training camp Brian tells him that Coach Halas is deaf in one ear. Brian tells Gale to stay on Halas’ right side. Gale, to his embarrassment finds this to be untrue.

Brian and Gale also share similarities. Both Gale and Brian put friendship high in their priorities. An example being when Brian helps Gale recover from his injury. Brian Builds Gale a leg lift machine and encourages Gale to get back into shape. Another example is when Gale put up with great hassle, by traveling constantly, to be with Brian until...