Roosevelt and Churchill: Inspire the nation.

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The greatest test for a leader is during a war. Their confidence, resolve and calculated judgment weeds out the leaders from the men. It has been proven the battle is always won by the largest force but by strategy. For example, by the implementation of strategy Constantine was able to beat Maxuest despite that fact he was out numbered ten to one. Arguably such examples can be just plain luck or other conditions were in their favor. No one, however, could say that this was the case during the war against Germany and Japan under the leadership of Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). They were both seen as great leaders who triumphed over tremendous odds. The job of a leader is not only to direct strategies in war, but to inspire the men and women directly in his command of their ability to claim victory. This same inspiration must also be given to the public to whom they serve.

This inspiration is the glue that holds everyone together when the confusions of battle can break even the most simple of strategies. The speeches given by Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt set the stage for the war that changed the world for ever. These speeches not only inspired a nation of people but inspired the international community. However different the personalities between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill may have been their ability to speak to their nations contains the same ability to inspire.

On April 28th, 1942, Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Call for sacrifice" address to the nation asked the people to forgo the luxuries that they were used to. This preparation was vital to prepare the state for war. In that speech FDR reminded the people that, "it is nearly five months since we...