Roosevelt's new deal

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The fedal goverment responded quite differently to the prosperity of the 1920s and the great depressio that follow. Roosevelt's new deal was not only a decisive plan to combat the depression, but it also marked a new direction in the role of goverment in managing the economy a role that is still being debated today.

In document # 3 the quote that Roosevelt maked during the 1932 president campain was to help the unemployed. President hoover did not like helping his nation. President Roosevelt made a big diffence because he tryed to change the nation. In document # 4 Franklin D. Roosevelt first inaugural address that all we have to fear is fear inself. He tryed to get more trust in him for the country. One of the things that FRD said in his first inaugural address on march 4, 1933 was in such a spirit on my part and on yours we face ourcommon diffietis.

This means that, we the people and the president have a lot in common in diffects.

In document # 2 the chart reads that the number of unemployed had a termendest increas in 1929. its was 1.5 million unemployed and went up to 13 million unemployed in 1933. the economy of united state had crash and caust a chain reachin. During the great depression lots of many people died because thay could not pay for there health care.

The fedal goverment had control over the the new deal because thay can do what ever thay want. If the goverment dont wont somthin then thay will vote it out. The economy is changin and will still be debated today.