The Root of all Evil

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“Give me control of the nations money supply and I care not who makes the laws.” (Amery pg. 6 pa. 2)These were the words spoken by the man who started the wealthiest Dynasty on the face of the earth: Mayer Amschel Rothschild of the UK. He is one of a few unique businessmen that have influenced the worlds market since the early beginning of the United States. Some people call these men International Bankers, for they have no boundary of where they can span their influence. Private Central Banking Systems are not necessary for the issue of currency for our nation. There is no reason that a private corporation should profit from issuing a currency that is not even backed by gold. Through the process of this reading, I will make evident the problems that occur with private central banking and show that we need to develop a better Economic system for our government.

It is said that money is the root of all evil; I believe this in some aspects to be true. People thrive off of money and it is in almost everyone’s interest to grow up and become rich someday. Some people have extended far beyond what anyone should ever do to become wealthy; some people have killed for their plots to be successful. Privately-owned central banking systems are owned and managed by a private corporation and they provide the currency medium for a given nation. The central bank in the US is known as the Federal Reserve System or AKA the “Fed”. In Europe it is disguised beneath the grip of the Rothschild Family, who are the largest profiteers of war ever known to mankind. They are also the biggest financial backers of the issue of the European Unions Euro dollar, and it is issued with...