The Root Meaning of the name Matthew

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Finding the root meaning and origin of one's name is a very

interesting task. In doing this, one can learn alot about who he is.

The effect of the meaning of one's name onto who the person is and

what he stands for is often uncanny. For example, if one's name

means king, it wouldn't be suprising to find that this person is in

some way a great leader. It seems clear that the sub-concious mind

plays some kind of role in this puzzling, yet often occuring


When I asked my parents why they chose Matthew as my first

name, they said that there were two reasons. The first reason was

that it simply sounded good. The second reason was that they liked

the meaning of the name which was 'son of God.' I have thoughts

on both of these reasons. First of all, by saying that they 'just liked

the way the name sounded', they help to prove the idea that the

decision to name me Matthew was sort of a sub-concious one.


didn't really know why they liked it , it was just something in the

back of their minds that convinced them to name me Matthew. This

is why I believe that the name Matthew is the only right name for

me. It is as though I am destined to be what the name means. I am

destined to be a 'son of God.'

I think that the term 'son of God' is an accurate description of

myself. In my adolesence, I find myself looking towards God for

help more and more often. I am beginning to understand what it

means to be a member of God's kingdom. I am beginning to see just

what it is that God stands for. I am learning more...