Roots of the Holocaust

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Roots of the Holocaust

It is definitely a common opinion that the Holocaust was an extremely negative piece of history from multiple perspectives. However, although such a thought can easily be conceived, it is also important to know how this event was initiated in the first place. The Holocaust was not a result of a dictator coming to power by means of a coup over the government that was still in place, though it was largely the result of the exploitation of visible loopholes of the Weimar Republic's constitution, as well as democracy as a whole. The Nazi Party were clearly aware of the apparent opportunities to instill their vision in Germany in order to make it a supposedly "better" place that would soon rule the world. Their rise to power was also a result of both the needs and faults of the German people, which later came to be known as the "roots" of the Holocaust.

These included Germany's economic woes, which included their high debt from WWI, reparation payments to fix the damage dealt during the war, hyperinflation, the production and infrastructure ruining the decreasing GDP, and the rapid growth of the unemployment rate. Due to this, another root became more apparent, namely the scapegoating of the Jewish people. This sudden upsurge hatred towards Jews was not new, however, but it built on the pre-existing anti-Semitism, particularly in Germany. Furthermore, as the Nazi Party gradually began to have a larger influence on the German people, mob mentality and the belief that Hitler would eventually lead Germany to greatness began to come into play. This was all part of the massive efforts in pre-planning and orchestrating the events leading up to the Holocaust, the standout event being Kristallnacht, which is seen by many as the beginning of...