Roots- a movie review based on the slavery of of Africans to the America's

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The show 'Roots' is about one African male (Kunta Kinte) being captured and shipped off to the Americas to serve as a slave until the day he dies.

In this show we learn of the many traumas that Kunta had to get through just to get to the Americas such as the middle passage, where they had barely any room to sit up, they were extremely close together and were chained up for unimaginable lengths of time, where the soon-to-be slaves had to 'go to the toilet' where they lay, eat bland and often sickening foods, they caught multiple disease, a lot died on the way to the Americas. Kunta and one of his tribe leaders soon concocted a plan to take a hold of the ship when the un chain every one for their daily 'dance', but sadly most died in the revolt especially Kunta's fellow tribesmen.

The thing that still puzzles me about the show is when Mr. Slater has the argument with the captain for slavery, they puzzle me because they were so stupid and untrue some of the arguments he put forth i.e. Cannibalism - which is unfounded and un true, Different breed of human - which is extremely un true and extremely ignorant thing to say.

When Kunta Kinte arrived at Annapolis, Maryland on September 29, 1767, they were thrown into steel cells for the night, and when they woke they were up for auction, When it was Kunta's turn to be auctioned off he was considered to be 'pick of the herd' and was inspected like an item checking for any cuts, bruises or infections, Kunta was sold to a man who owned a tobacco plantation in Virginia, when he arrived at the tobacco plantation he was assigned to another Negro...