The Rosary and Litany of Mary

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I don’t fully understand the mysteries of the rosary, but I think I like the Joyful Mysteries the best. In the Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary, the Angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will be the mother of God. I’d never heard this story before. The fruit of the mystery is humility, which Mary showed. Humility is an important virtue that I think everyone could use more of. In the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth, Mary visits her cousin and tells her. Elizabeth wasn’t jealous, but happy for Mary, and the fruit of the mystery is love of your neighbor. Love of your neighbor is something that I sometimes forget about. It’s a lot easier to hate people than love them. In the Nativity of Our Lord, Jesus is born in Bethlehem. Jesus was born in poverty, like lots of babies today. But babies today aren’t all recognized and taken care of.

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple is when Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple and present him to God. Obedience is the fruit of the mystery. Blindly obeying anyone, even God, is hard. I guess we sometimes have to accept that God knows better than us, and that we have to obey even if we don’t understand. The Finding of the Child was another one I’d never heard of. Mary accidentally leaves Jesus in the temple for three days. They went back and found him in the temple talking with the elders about the scriptures. The fruit of the mystery is joy in finding Jesus. I can’t speak for this one, but I do know a little about the joy of finding God. When you feel alone, He always comes back and lets you know that you’re not lost.

Although I can’t say that I...