Rose Bay Point Piper Marina Redevelopment: An unbiased report analyzing the current redevelopment application for what will become the largest floating marina in Australia

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Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina Re-development

In November 2006, Addenbrooke Pty Limited, a company which deals with private developments lodged an application to redevelop the Rose Bay and Point Piper Marinas. The proposal is under review by Woollahra Council and has divided the local community. Both sides are providing strong arguments and campaigning intensely by creating petitions, distributing pamphlets, displaying banners and holding meetings.

The redevelopment would turn the marinas into the largest in Sydney. The developers want to add another 107 fixed berths for boats to park and moor, and remove 105 of the 120 swing moorings. The fixed berth area will increase from 4500 square metres to 44000 square metres. A new 75000 litre fuel tank will be installed and the sewage pump out facilities will be upgrades. Also, disabled access will be improved.

Those opposed to the redevelopment, headed by the organisation Save Rose Bay, believe that adding another 107 berths will bring more people to the marina, and so create much more traffic.

Forty percent of the existing views on the Rose Bay promenade will be lost or reduced and the bay will lose its open water character. Also, by removing so many of the swing moorings, smaller boats will have to pay higher fees in order to park inside the marina. Due to the significant increase in the marina's footprint, the bay will look jam-packed with boats when seen from the Rose Bay Promenade or on the water. Kayakers or little boats will find it dangerous navigating in the bay and around the marina. The new 75000 litre fuel will become a safety hazard to the Rose Bay promenade, and, there will be a risk of fuel spillage into the water when refilling, as no fuel spillage barrier is proposed, any spillage could enter...