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"A Fallen Monument" "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner is a brilliant story. Faulkner uses great techniques to try to confuse the reader. The story begins at one point; he throws a twist in the middle and brings the reader back to the ending of the story. This is a fantastic story that gives us an insight of a fallen monument. Faulkner has illustrated some strong irony and symbolism.

The story begins in a small (made-up) town where a woman by the name of Emily Grierson died. Emily is described as a "fallen monument" that many people admired as well as questioned. Emily lived with her father until the last day of his life, and tried to cling a little longer. She had taught some painting classes but with the years her classes stopped. Craziness ran in her family and that is the only thing that could have happened to this poor woman.

Through the years her father would run off her guy friends and she began not having a social life. After her father's death she met a man named Homer Barron and began to go out a little. The town people were happy for her because they now seen her a little more and it was better than to be in a old house all the time. Emily began to think that some day she and Homer would marry, and when things went wrong she poisoned him. As time passed people began to wonder, and a smell began developing. Although the smell was hitting everyone in the town, no one said anything, instead they sprinkled lime all over her house. Emily died a time later. After the town people heard the new they went to see her to begin the funeral arrangements. Tobby her faithful...