A Rose For Miss Emily

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Emily Grierson was born into a wealthy family and raised during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. She was the daughter of a Colonial in the Southern Army. Miss Emily was brought up in an aristocratic society, and her home was one of the most beautiful in her neighbourhood. She resided here until her death. The Grierson's wealth diminished as slavery began to wane, and was eventually abolished in 1865. At the time of her death all that was left was a decaying house, and a negro manservant who had worked for the family for many years.

Let's start at the beginning. Miss Emily, like most other young girls, had aspirations for a husband; however, her father, the selfish, upstanding, staunch man that he was, believed a woman's place was in the home. They were trained to be housewives and maids. He had brainwashed Miss Emily into believeing she was not worthy of a husband at her age, and drove off any suitor that would be able to help Miss Emily live out her dreams.

At age 30, Miss Emily thought of herself, that she was no longer a desirable age to attract a suitor. We can only assume that is why she took on a secret lover to fulfill her deepest desires.

Miss Emily's relationship with her father was based on dependability, responsibility, and trust. The relationship with her lover was based on desire. Miss Emily;s desires could only be achieved with a man other than her father, and as long as her father was alive, those desires would lay dormant until his passing. Two years after her fathers death, and the disappearance of her sweetheart, while trapped in the loneliness, and isolation, a ray of hope shone through for Miss Emily. This is when she encountered Homer...