The Rose Valley

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It was April, the time we had spring break in high school and my best friend Daniela invited me to join her house in Kazanlak for a few days. Kazanlak is a small but unforgettable place for everyone who visits it.

It is situated in a valley between the Balkan range and the Sedan Gore Mountains in Bulgaria. The valley has become know as the KazanlakRose valley, and the rose grown there is now known worldwide as the Kazanlak Rose. I was so anxious to see the beauty that everybody talks about. Until that moment I had not been there, and it was shameful that I had been born in Bulgaria but never visited this amazing place so full of historical and cultural significance.

We left early in the morning because we didn't want to waste the whole day of traveling and miss the view of the valley when it awakes.

During the trip my friend was telling me more about the town and made me more impatient to see it. As we approached Kazanlak, the scent of the roses came over us and I was looking through the window of the car with wide-open eyes. I didn't want to miss anything.

Before, there were so many words, word, and more words. The picture of the real valley of roe cannot be compared with any words; you have to see it in person. The valley and between the rows of roses, Little old-fashioned stone houses dotted one side of the valley separated by narrow cobblestone paths. You have the feeling that you're in a different world.

We arrived at the house and I was in a hurry to go out and explore every little detail of the valley. Daniela showed me around the town, but I couldn't...