Rosenbluth and a his very original management of organizations

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Rosenbluth Case

1.Elements contributing to the development of Hal Rosenbluth's unique creative management style :

Values of Hal Rosenbluth

People Focus : HR fosters an environment that encourages associates to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Trust : HR values each other's integrity, creativity, judgment, and opinions.

Teamwork : according to HR, all people are interdependent and cooperate for the good of the whole.

Sharing : HR shares responsibility for the company's successes and believes in sharing information and recognition.


The Airline Deregulation : HR experienced revolutionary events that he both anticipated and used to formulate company strategy over the years. As lower fares and greater airline efficiency followed, so did a rapid increase in air traffic.

Development of IT : computerization made information more accessible. The flow of information deeply increased and the company capitalized on the influx of technology in the marketplace.

Contract with Du Pont : in 1984, DuPont decided to let Rosenbluth handle all of its travel business, which had previously been spread among numerous agencies. DuPont recognized that centralizing its business under one roof offered advantages: quicker and easier travel decisions and more effective negotiation with suppliers.

1.Elements contributing to the development of Hal Rosenbluth's unique creative management style :

Evolution of the role of travel agents

From order takers to information brokers : agents have gained in responsibility and decision-making power. Indeed, Rosenbluth International transformed the relationship between travel agent and client from a role of reservation facilitator and ticket processor to one of a travel advocate and consultant.

Manager's partners : As a service company, Rosenbluth firmly believes in listening to customers and in empowering employees closest to the customer to make meaningful decisions. The company, by flattening the hierarchy and...