The Roswell Mystery - what was the truth?

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In July 1947, a mysterious object crashed into the desert beside the US air force base in Roswell, New Mexico. The incident has remained a mystery up to this day. Many contradictory sources and evidence have since emerged. Eye witnesses mention seeing the remains of a flying disk and small creatures; some suspect a cover up by the US air force. A theory supported by many observers, researchers and investigators suggests that the crashed disk was a 'UFO', contrary to the US air force's insistence that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Using the sources given and other information collected, I believe the UFO theory is closer to the truth and the government and US Air Force have been trying to cover up something shrouded in secrecy.

From the source:, we can see that the US Air Force's story is not reliable because it changed its explanations of the incident several times, apparently trying to cover one lie with another.

According to a source, they thought it was a helium filled weather balloon that fell to the ground, and was quite confident "there is no truth in any other story…" But in another source, they admitted that it was a balloon carrying top secret equipment for spying on Russians, and claimed quite confidently again, "there is no truth in the rumours about flying saucers…" Not long later in 1994, they released a follow-up report saying that the wreckage in the desert belonged to a flying object designed to monitor Soviet atomic tests. The US Air Force later issued a report "The Roswell Report: Case Closed." in 1996, arguing that reports of UFO crashes, alien corpses, and government cover-ups were mistaken memories accumulated over a long period of time. Also, source 5 of the handout shows...