The Roswell Mystery- Which theory is the truth?

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On the stormy evening of July 3rd, 1974, there were reports on a bright, disc-shaped object flying over Roswell, New Mexico, heading northwest. A loud explosion was heard in the mist of lighting and storms. The next day, July 4th, 1974, a local farmer, Mac Brazel, discovered a large amount of usual debris scattered over his farm while checking on his sheep from the storm. His farm was 75 miles northwest of Roswell.2The unusual features about the debris interested Brazel, so he took a few pieces of the debris and showed it to his family and neighbors. Since the debris was so strange, Brazel reported it to the sheriff in Roswell, Sheriff George Wilcox. After examining the pieces, Wilcox contacted the local USAAF airbase in Roswell. The base commander, Colonel William Blanchard, sent his head Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel and the head of the Roswell Army Counterintelligence Corps, Sheridan Cavitt, to investigate.

Marcel and Cavitt went with Brazel to his farm and retrieved some of the debris and returned to the Roswell base with it on the evening of July 7. This event was reported and became one of the biggest unsolved mysteries.

No one really knows what had crashed that day in 1974. Mac Brazel's son, William Brazel Jr, has described it as 'it was not anything made by us (human).3' But, on the other hand, Mac Brazel's daughter, Bessie Brazel Schreiber, said that 'the debris looked like pieces of a large balloon which had burst'4 Although the US military had already announced that 'the object found in the desert was a crashed balloon, carrying top secret equipment to spy on the Russians'5 ,there are still many people who believe that what crashed was a 'flying saucer' and think that the ' crashed balloon' is just a...