Rotten Relationships.

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XXI century. The era of progress and development. Really? I think in only one way -technology. But as to relationships between people we are going back to the beginning of the world, and it won't be so amazingly if dinosaurs had managed communicating better than us.

Every day it gets harder and harder. Because every single day people slowly are drowning in the swamp of luxury. Not that I am fond of Asceticism. Oh, no..of course, modern life has its qualities as well. But the problem is that humans respect only the outer side of things, their look, and don't see their rotten core. So being beautiful outside is the only aim of every person. As he's developing only his body, the mental abilities of the homo sapiens start to decay and in a certain period they just disappear. What a better option for preventing a good conversation?

Have you ever heard about Zigmund Freud? Well, it's difficult to find him in an edition of 'Playboy', 'Cuisine' or 'Autoworld', and although not being mentioned i the favourite magazines of about 95% of the Earth population he has said a few interesting things.

For example - 'the biological instincts of a human (mainly sexual and agressive) are struggling at all costs for satisfaction and are the real reason for human acts'. Have you ever thought about the reason why you start talking to a beautiful stranger? Because earlier or later you hope to show him/her your bedroom [sorry if you are from the 5% human beings with a different opinion]. And this thought prevents any possibilities for a philosophical debate. seems that ideals of Humanism are burried in the past. But it's not so late for the Homo sapiens to repair their broken minds, is it?