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My goal is to entice the dramatize and advice on the general public about my thesis statement reason. The main reason I wrote about the story line that took place in the 1520s in London England is because Reading these books help me get away from reality life moments. As I read about these story's they help me realize how reality and fantasy are a little different however when reading about these fantasy story's I have come to realize that they are still lots of drama as of in the reality life's. I really enjoy reading most of these fantasy story's because it lets me imagine of what life would be like in the 1520s and what it would be like to live a life like they do in them times. The story line tells about how people live their life while in the time line of the 1520s which was in London England. There are different characters that play different roles and some of the characters played as many wives. The many wives had different kings which them kings were their master's. Kings who married the wives then had babies with them wives once the babies were born the kings would divorce the wives. These characters have a lot of involvement in these stories. In these story's there's a lot of power to allow others to picture in their mind in an event of what it's like to live the life of the people in the year of 1520s and these powers will overcome every body's mind to want to live the lives. This fantasy story help's people realize how reality is very different from fantasy life. The character who plays the king Henry VIII and the king had seven wives back in 1520. All of the wives...