Routinization in Society

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Over time, routinization has become accepted in society. It is a way for businesses to become more uniform and efficient, having both positive and negative influences on society. Over the course of one week, we encounter various forms of routinization, whether it's at a fast food restaurant, the dining hall, or even just answering a phone call from a telemarketer.

I, myself had many similar encounters during my week of observations. They included eating at McDonalds, going to a hockey game, and talking to a car salesman. My first documented observation came at McDonalds while having dinner with a friend. Since I have been faced with their strict form of customer service for my entire life, it barely fazes me any longer. The worker at the register asked if she could help me, I said yes, gave her my order and stood waiting for my food. She then brought me my drink, I paid and then came my food.

Some things she did that were characteristic to her role were being overly friendly, smiling, and making a lot of eye contact. She also spoke very clearly, almost over annunciating her words. During my encounter with her, I didn't even feel as if she were reading from a script. This could either be due to her being very good at her job, or my being used to the McDonalds system. After I left with my food, I felt very satisfied. I was happy that I had gotten my food, and that I wasn't going to be late to class.

My next experience with routinization came later that night, when getting food at the Union. When I walk through the line to pay for my food, the cashier always says, "Late night or Plus?" then after your answer, she grabs your...