Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter, Review on his life from the movie's point of view.

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The film “The Hurricane” is about Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter, a boxer who was wrongly convicted and imprisoned for a total of 20 years. He wrote a book that many years later ended up in the hands of Lesra Martin, a young African American boy who was living in the poverty of New York with very little to look forward to. Until LIsa, Terri and Sam from Canada offered to adopt him to help make something of his life. The film shows how both Rubin and Lesra overcome their circumstances to end up as winners.

Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter was wrongly convicted and spent almost 20 years incaserated however this wasn’t the first time. He had been in jail when he was a child, he stabbed a wealth man who had a lot of pull in the city. A detective Delabosca went after Rubin and until he was finally released, Delabosca went after him to make his life a living hell and make sure he spends the remainder of his life incaserated.

Rubin and his friend John Artis left a club on their way home they were pulled over by the police “they were looking for two niggers in a car, any two will do”. The police took Rubin and John to be ID’d by the last surviving victim whilst on his death bed. Detective Delabosca re emerges to take Rubin down and as the dying man shakes his head to say they have the “wrong niggers” Delabosca tell him to “look closer” and persuades him to say it was them. After that didn’t work Delabosca persuaded the witness to say it was Rubin, it took a lot of persuasion. Bellow, the witness, eventually says it was Rubin and John. They were convicted for 3 life terms in prison.