Rugby and Football

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Jarrell Bates

English 1010

18, October 2012

Comparison and Contrast

My comparison and contrast paper is about the difference and similarities about rugby and football. There are many differences in rugby and football I think. Rugby has a way bigger ball than a regular football team has. In football you can only go in a forward manner (Mabelle 2). In rugby after you get tackled you team mate has to be over the ball with his legs wide and the other teammate has to throw the ball back to other one of their teammates. Rugby you must use a much wider field than football because they have to keep lateraling it to keep on going (Mabelle 4).

In football there are eleven players on the field and they all have strict positions they must follow but rugby there must be thirteen people on the field and they don't have that many roles.

In football, the players will only need to cross designated end-zones to earn them six points for the 'touchdown". Both games allow goal-over kicks, but in rugby, the value of the score is double that of football's. When you score a touchdown in rugby you earn four points instead of six points like football. They both have field goals to kick the ball through after the touchdown. They both get one point after the field goal is made. Field goal kicking is different in rugby than normal football. In normal football the snapper hikes the ball to the holder and the holder holds it and waits for the kicker to kick the ball. Rugby there is no defense near him and he can hold the ball and tries to punt the ball into the field goal where ever he likes.

Standard rugby games consist of two...