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There will always be highs and lows in life at some point or another. Achieving those points are very rewarding. However, when you hit rock bottom, or are experiencing a low your feel just the opposite. Have you ever worked so hard for something, just to be let down by the outcome of the situation? My name is Daniel Kennedy and this is my story.

It was spring time of my junior year of high school at Bishop Shanahan in Downingtown, PA, a mid sized suburb outside of Philadelphia. I remember being extremely excited at this time in particular because it was baseball season. Since I was seven years old I have played baseball, and next to football, baseball was my favorite sport. Freshman and sophomore year I had previously made the baseball team for my high school. Therefore going into tryouts that spring I was exceedingly arrogant about making the team, especially when taking into consideration how much time and effort I deposited into sustaining my attributes in the off-season.

I swung countless hours of batting practice with my Dad, and trained numerous hours of pitching lessons with a professional scout from the Philadelphia Phillies. I did all of this just to give me that additional edge over the next guy that was gunning for a spot on the roster.

It was the last day of try-outs. This was it. Today we would find out whether we were on the list of ball players, or if it was better luck next year. In truth I felt very confident about making the squad. For the past two weeks I hadn't missed one single day of try-outs, and I performed tremendously during all of the skills drills in front of the coaches. Towards the end of practice coach was walking...