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Sammy Jones November 14, 2001 Mr. Stern LA 445 Stuck 1 Got nothin left, Got nowhere to go, Can't stay focused, Feel like quitting, Folks push me forward, My mans and them, My mother, My father.

9 Them folks hold me up, Keep me on my feet, Can't stop trying, If not for my sake then for theirs.

I'm learning to walk again, My legs are still shaky, Tell my folks "I don't know help!", But I'm glad they don't leave.

17 Realize that the biggest problem that I got, I can't learn to walk with you still here, Making me jealous because you can walk but I'm struggling, I see that you were way more ready than me, The rage makes me try harder, You've got all your folks around, I told all of mine to leave, I needed space to mourn, And, hey, I'm climbing to my feet.

I hope you didn't count me out, I tried to hard to make myself alright, I fear coming in contact with you, Because I'm still too weak to fight.

30 Wanna be friends again? Come on, Let's go, I bet I'll hold on better than you do, Through all the shit we go through, You turn your back on me again, I got no choice but to get stronger Got to get make sure you fall down first, Nobody can know that you're stronger than me.

I'm getting weaker, Got push you down, Since you're not falling first, I don't know if I still love you, So I don't know if it's gonna hurt me to hurt you.

43 We've both risen from rock bottom, No we size each other up, My legs can kill a zebra now, Wanna see if you can handle me, I'm moving really fast, The road of life wizzes by, Dating two girls a week, I see you creeping up on your new boyfriend, I hope I can stay focused on being your friend.

You say you're there when I need you, But I don't see that, I ain't gonna try for you no more, 55 Our lives won't fall apart completely, So I guess we're just stuck in this cycle.