Rumble Fish

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Rumble Fish DELACORTE PRESS New York ©1975 Rumble Fish This book is based on a fourteen year old juvenile delinquent named Rusty-James (short for Russell-James), and his older brother, the Motorcycle Boy (unfortunately no other name was given) whom which he idolizes and wishes to be just like. Every time Rusty-James gets into trouble the Motorcycle Boy is always there to bail him out. When the Motorcycle Boy leaves town, though, Rusty gets into a spot of trouble that the Motorcycle Boy can't get him out of.

The book gives no specific setting but it does tell you that it is based in a large city divided by a river, with the poor side of town on one end and the downtown area on the other. In some cases it sounds like New York City with of its open-all-night-movie theaters.

Rusty-James, of course lives on the poor side of the river with all of the other hoodlums.

In this book it was sort of hard to find a part that was your favorite at all because it was so depressing. Towards the end I found a part that I thought was the best. It was when Rusty-James finds out that one of his good friends set him up to break up with his girlfriend so he could take his place. When finding out about this his friend tells him that if there were still street gangs that Rusty wouldn't be leader because he was too stupid. He, then, suddenly realizes that he's not the toughest guy in town anymore and that he's not the same. After that he knows that the only way to be the toughest again is to fight his friend, but he decides against it.

Another part that I liked, even though it was depressing, was...