The Run

Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade June 2004

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I plateau around 100 mph, the vibrations coming from the car seemed to numb themselves on my excited body. The high howl of the wind drowned out my already blown speakers, but I had my own music playing in my head. It was a get-away song with its crescendo accented by the scream of sirens behind me. I don't even know how I managed to get so far away from the city I thought was important to me. All I knew was that every 10 miles or so, there was a green beacon reading "MEXICO 50 miles." Over and over, I ran through the math in my head. "Well lets see, if I keep going 100, I'll be there in half an hour, right?" Thirty minutes seemed like a long time. It seemed I had already been running for hours. I glanced at my cell phone, clearing through the dozens of missed calls I got from my mom, police, and more police calling from my moms phone.

None of them knew exactly why I didn't stop when they first turned on their lights, and frankly, neither did I. However that was hours ago. Since then, the cops have been desperately shooting at me, attempting to maul me with their spike strips, and runnning me off the road with 18 wheelers. It was all so futile, though. I wouldn't stop for anyone, let alone those fascist pigs. I wasn't even speeding at the time when those blue, red, and white lights shone bright behind me. I guess I had been in shock, unable to think why this cop was pulling me over. I suppose I was struggling for thought a long time, because suddenly there were two cops behind me, and they were yelling at me to stop on their loud...