Run Lola Run

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Run Lola Run is a movie about two people, Lola and Manni, who need to come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks in a small amount of time. The movie was filmed in three small segments, which each ended very differently.

The movie begins with Lola and Manni on the phone. Manni is very upset because he left the bag of money on the subway, where a bum almost definitely picked it up. He needs the money, by noon. Lola tells him to stay put. She then hangs up the one and decides to ask her dad for the money. She runs all the way to his workplace, where he refuses to give her the money and finally confesses that he is not her real father. He tells her, "I would never father a weirdo like you." Lola leaves, crying, and tries to get to Manni before noon. She runs to the nearby grocery store, just missing Manni by a second or two.

She joins him as he robs the grocery store, and the two run down the street.

They are eventually cornered by the police, who shoot Lola. The segment ends with Lola on the ground, appearing to be dead.

The second part is introduced with a flashback of Lola and Manni in bed. The are talking about death. Then it picks up where Lola hung up the phone. This time Lola falls down the stairs on her way out, causing her to be a few seconds later. When she reaches her dad's office, he overhears what he is saying to his mistress. This time, you learn that the woman is pregnant with another man's child. Lola gets angry, and ends up robbing the bank. This time, she runs to Manni and gets there just in time. Unfortunately an ambulance, which...