The run for president, compares bush to kerry

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The Run for President

"An election tells how many of your supporters are alive, and a war tells how many are willing to be dead" (Anonymous, President George Bush and Senator John Kerry have many of the same, but also many different views on today's society. Hopefully by showing both sides of the issues on war and peace, the economy, and civil rights everything will be clearer.

War and peace is a very important issue for many of the voters today. Both Bush and Kerry have similar views on the topic. In fact Kerry voted yes for Bush's War Vote, and stated that he does not regret the vote, but is concerned that Bush broke all three promises that he made to the congress. Kerry has stated that he would "never conduct a war or start a war because we want to; the United States of America should only go to war because we have to" (

Bush proposes that a threat to the American people should not be handled lightly, and there must be immediate action to insure the safety of the American people. Even if that does mean war. So' the question is "is a president needed that worries about politics and policies when there is a threat to national security or a president who acts immediately to insure the safety of the United States."

Many issues in the country today are worrisome, but the economy is by far the biggest. Kerry suggests that the economy is recovering, and states that "it's a recovery for the people in the corporate boardroom." He depicts it as "it's a recovery for corporations, to some degree, by compacting, and increasing productivity... This recovery is a


recovery for those people who have stock. It's a recovery for those people who...