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In many young teen's lives we feel weak, we feel like we have no place to go, we feel like just giving up. Sometimes you have to learn to be stronger and you have to pull the courage out of you not to give up and not to be a quitter no matter how bad the odds seem. So, I guess maybe listening to my own advice would help me out every once and a while.

Lets get to where all this trouble began, it was nearly Christmas of 2001 when my whole life changed. I had gotten kicked out of school and there wasn't anything I could do to fix it. Then my parents had decided that if they sent me off to private school they might be able to turn my life around. Too bad I would be going to school with 500 people who were just like me and some were even worse.

You can learn tons of new things when you are living in a dorm room, most of them you would rather not know but you learn anyways. I learned how to get away with more such as how to move around in the middle of the night and not get caught. While I was there I went from a problem child to a downright criminal. I learned how to pick locks and how to make knives out of cardboard and a spoon. Then I finally got caught and got kicked out shortly after spring break. All this really is not nearly as important as the summer ahead.

As summer began to wind down I met a girl named Chastity Davis. I wish I knew then what I know now because she ruined my life. This girl had me wrapped around her finger and I...