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Baseball springs back into action Screaming fans, the feeling of pride once a home-run has just been hit, or even the relief once the best hitter on the opposing team has just been struck out, these are just a few of the sensations that the baseball team is looking forward to having this season.

Coach Bruce Miller is returning for the 2001-2002 for the nineteen year. This season Miller plans to teach his players to have more aggression in bunting and stealing.

Miller said his key players will most likely be senior pitchers, Tony York and Adam Gibson.

"If our team could score three to four points, we'll win a lot of games. Because we have excellent pitching," Miller said.

Junior Sam Battell Varsity baseball player said he thinks the team has a good shot at sectionals.

Battell plays third base and is also a pitcher. He has been playing these positions since he was four years old.

He said, "We have excellent coaching from Miller, and our new coach, Stew Fisher, keeps the team really disciplined." Justin Deermer, senior Varsity baseball player plays shortstop and pitcher. Deermer has played these positions for twelve to thirteen years.

"We'll have a good season, if we have no mental errors and a lot of hard work and practice," said Deermer.

Deermer feels the team should be good enough for the SAC crown, because they were only a couple wins short last year.

Coach Miller said that his retirement all depends on the outcome of the year.

"If everyone does what they are supposed to, they will be very successful in terms of numerical ratings," said Miller.

The first game is a double-header against Mishawka on March 30. Miller said he thinks this game will be very competitive and good to the last inning.

Senior Varsity player, John Conklin, who plays infield, catcher, and pitcher, said he has no worries when it comes to their success.

"SAC champs, here we come," said Conklin.