Russia Is Finished

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"Russia is finished" Thomas Hobbes defines the Leviathan as an absolutist government system chosen by men to be protected from nature while seeking for the commonwealth of the society. In Jeffrey Tayler's "Russia is Finished" article, he criticizes the absolutism and relates it to the political evolution of Russia throughout history. Tayler believes Russia's absolutist system has been all along slaving and exploiting of its citizens. Under Hobbes perspective, the best form of government is the one in which power is used to protect the citizens while it strengthens the system. If Hobbes was to criticize Tayler's article he would have stated that the loss of the leviathan's power and the death of the commonwealth traced the destiny of Russia.

Russia's political history starts with their czarist regime. Tayler believes ever since the czars, Russian citizens have been exploited to strengthen the State. The czarist regime was created upon the model of the Mongol khans who used to massacre and enslave the population in their search for the commonwealth and for the prevalence of the Leviathan. Hobbes agrees with this type of regime because in order to protect the commonwealth, it is valid to sacrifice the individuality of the citizens.

In Tayler's narration, when the Bolsheviks came into power, they "enslaved vast segments of his population to build industries, mine the earth, and gather crops. Under his direction the state pillaged its citizens, dispossessing them of land, factories, homes, and personal wealth." (Tayler) Stalin's regime strengthened the State by inspiring fear to the citizens. According to Hobbes the seek for peace comes from fear. The leviathan is meant to bring peace while protecting its citizens. Hobbes stated that when a man becomes subject to a "Conquerour", is when he consents to be his subject. Russian citizens became the...