Russia's Pride, a biography of the inventor of the AK-47; Mikhail Kalashnikov.

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In the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), when the Germans invaded Russia, the Russians had a disadvantage in firepower. The Germans had superior firepower over the Russians, but the Russians eventually. As a result, Mikhail Kalashnikov, who was a Russian tank sergeant during the war, invented the AK-47. As a revolutionary, a person who creates a belief or an invention with the intention that it will help people, Kalashnikov change the lives of the people economically, politically, and socially. The affects of the belief or invention is a positive idea from the person and changes society. Kalashnikov's intention when he created the AK-47 was to protect Russia, but now the assault rifle is used worldwide. Kalashnikov's invention, after more than 50 years, is still used today and is known to be the world's best and deadliest assault rifle. With the multitude of people using the AK-47, Kalashnikov has changed warfare, Russia's nationalism, and has been awarded the highest honors.

Kalashnikov came from a peasant family and had little education; he had only finished secondary school. Kalashnikov was working in a Russian depot as a technical clerk before he was called up for military services. He graduated from a school of tank drivers. It was during the Great Patriotic War when Kalashnikov, a tank sergeant for Russia's Red Army, conceived the idea of making an assault rifle. The war started when Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941, during WWII. To defend themselves, Soviet troops retreated then returned to attack. By April 1945, Russia had forced Germans back and the war ended in May 1945. The Russians had made huge sacrifices to win the war; about 20 million died and more were wounded. One major factor that many Russians died during the war was that their weaponry was primitive compared to their enemy's weapons.

Countries saw the value of the AK-47 and changed their weapons and combat strategies. Kalashnikov revolutionized warfare because many people accepted the significance of his invention. Guy Martin admits, "the Central Artillery Administration of the USSR adopted the AK-47 as the standard issue weapon for the Soviet army" (par. 2). Kalashnikov changed the Soviet army's standard issue weapon into the AK-47. The AK-47 has the highest accuracy and effectiveness of an assault rifle, so the Soviet army's defenses and firepower increased. By equipping the Soviet army with the AK-47, Kalashnikov has increased competition between their opponents. The AK-47 was created to not be a sophisticated weapon, but a simple weapon that can be used by even a child, not that it was created for children to use. It may look like a crude weapon compared to others in the market now, but experienced soldiers can assure that it is the best of their kind. With better weapons, countries can defend themselves more effectively or can conquer others with ease. After having so many people use the AK-47, the Russians were recognized of their invention.

After Kalashnikov's influence over warfare, Russians have had a boost in pride for its country. Before Kalashnikov invented the AK-47, Russia was in a deep state of turmoil due to its failures in history. C.J. Chivers adds, "Russia has been struggling with political and military failures ever since the fall of socialism. The invention of the AK-47 was a step towards making up for its failures. Russians carry pride because someone from their country invented such a well known gun that no other can match" (C.J., par. 11). Kalashnikov's influence over the people of his country has been a positive change. Many Russians have lost a sense of nationalism because of past failures in government. Russia's lack of industrialization, about 200 years behind most of the Allies during WWII, made Russia withdraw from the war while giving up a huge piece of land to Germany. These moments of defeat and bitterness has made Russia's history gloomy. The invention of the AK-47 has shined a light over Russia's history because it tells others that Russia had a great affect in the world. Kalashnikov's invention brings Russia to pride and recognition when people talk of the deadly AK-47.

Kalashnikov was valued as a great inventor and praised throughout Russia because of the major changes he caused. Kalashnikov was recognized as a hero for his country because of his act of inventing a weapon to protect it. The article, "Legendary Kalashnikov honored on his birthday", points out, "at the age of 30 Kalashnikov won the Stalin Prize and a year later he was awarded an order of the Hero of Socialist Labor" (TASS, par. 2). Kalashnikov received these awards and more because people recognized him for his changes in the world. No one would get an award like the Stalin Prize if he/she didn't do anything important and create a drastic change. Kalashnikov changed the world by inventing the AK-47 and his intentions of inventing it earned him awards and recognition from political leaders to soldiers. The changes Kalashnikov made in the world as well as being well-known by countries and people make him a revolutionary.

Kalashnikov has made an impact not only in Russia, but globally. Many countries are manufacturing the AK-47 and they use it because they know of its effectiveness and quality. It isn't remarkable that it is still being favored after 50 years of being invented. The AK-47 won't be replaced as the top assault rifle for a long time. This is because there would be no other inventor like Kalashnikov that can invent for his/her country at such a dire time and for a great cause.

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