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The Russian Federation Table of Contents 1. Government 1. basic info 2. economy 3. Employment 4. Population 5. Mis; maps; graphs 2. History 3. Problem/ Solution 4. Bibliography Government The Russian federation was founded in 1992, after the collapse of the Russian Soviet federative Socialist Republic (USSR) in December 1991. The capital remained in Moscow. The leader of Russia is now president Viktor Stepanovich (elected on December 14,1992). They have three branches of power, The Executive, The Judicial, and The Legislative Branches. They have a universal suffrage age of 18 years old. Their constitution was adopted in December 1993.

The currency is the ruble (R). At a very low value of $1 U.S.-3,550 R. Their GNP is $721,200,000,000 yearly. They export $75,400,000,000 yearly. Their main products are coal, oil, natural gas, textiles, grain, lumber, beef, and milk. They Import $48,000,000,000 yearly. They mainly import machinery, consumer goods, medicines, meat, grain, sugar, and metal products.

The inflation rate is 10% monthly.

For there employment is very high with most of it in factories. The unemployment rate is only 12.4% of their population. Witch is very good for that country.

The Russian federation has a population of 146,001,176 people. The population is going down at a rate of 0.38percentage yearly. Which means that more people are dying then are being born. That may be due to the baby boomers just like in the U.S.

Maps, pictures, Exc..

Russia is located in the northern part of Asia expanding from the Pacific Ocean to the Ukraine making it one of the largest countries in the world.

The currency of Russia is the ruble, its value. ($1U.S. dollar = 3550 Rubles) History of Russia Russia was founded discovered very early by the Vikings around 862a.d. For centuries Russia was a Viking country, until...