The Russian Revolution

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Summery on the Russian Revolution In the beginning of the 20th century Russia was an undemocratic, political and social empire, ruled by an absolute monarch known as the Czar (emperor). The Czar ruled his empire with an iron fist, forming an army sworn to defend him and placing his own political police in almost every city and town in the country. The Czar political system, the Czarist regime, involved the repression of human rights.

Until 1917, Russia was divided to two layers, the first were wealthy nobles and royalties and the second were ordinary men known as peasants. In 1917, the peasants made up about 80 percent of Russia's population.

At the end of the 19th century, the Czarist regime, which encouraged the development of industry, helped form more social groups such as: capitalists, workers and professionals. The capitalists (a.k.a bourgeoisie) were the middle class, they weren't as wealthy as the nobles and royalties, but they weren't poor.

They played a key role in the building and operation of many large factories, and were essential to the Russian economic development. The workers (a.k.a proletariat) were poor, unlike the capitalist, and they worked harder, their labor was essential in producing the goods and services of Russia's new factories and service industries. The working class was a major force for social change; the workers were inclined to organize trade unions to struggle for better working conditions and living standards. In spite of the workers efforts, the tsarist regime and the capitalists often tried to repress this social change; which led the workers to support revolutionary organizations. The professional class, were people who achieved higher life styles then the workers, and were actually considered capitalists, but sympathized or identified with the lower classes. These people became critical minded intellectuals who were drawn in...