Russian Revolution

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"...We are fifty to one hundred years behind advanced countries. We must cover this distance in ten years. Either we do this or they will crush us..." (Urals pg 270) This was a quote by Stalin in February 4, 1931. To accomplish this goal it almost seems impossible, but with the help of drastic ideas and policies there is a good chance it could be done. These policies seemed infallible when written down, but often time hindered the country toward the goal of socialism.

The revolution was a success and the Bolsheviks finally won the Civil War. With Lenin in power during the early 1920's it was time to rebuild and change exactly what they were fighting for during he last decade. To the leaders dismay the economy and the society were in shambles. The past few years of "War Communism" or total war ideology took everything away from the country.

Citizens were made to give up almost all of their money and luxuries and very often their necessities to help the war effort. With all of this whirling around there could be no progression of technology or much needed industry in Russia. Lenin had to do something to save his country.

The formation of the NEP (New Economic Policy) was supposed to be the savior of the economy. For the most part it went completely against communism. It introduced a temporary mixed capitalist and socialist country until things could be stable again. There were three aspects of the economy to look at. These were the heavy industry, the agriculture, and the small private tradesmen. Even though still large industries, transportation, and foreign trade were still under the control of the countries leaders, it opened up to small public tradesmen called "nepman." These traders were looked...