Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution started on 1917. It was caused by many factors such as the start of World War One that devastated the economy and lead to famine and inflation, the corruption of the government, the ignorance and inefficiency of the Tsar and the unfair distribution of wealth. These grievances caused the abdication of the Tsar and overthrew the government.

The first six months was crucial to the survival of the Bolshevik government. The government was in a period of instability where it depended mostly on popular support from townspeople and the Cheka. The Bolsheviks' powers were further strengthened after their victory in the Civil War. The introduction of the New Economic Policy further stabilized the government, allowing it to overcome counter-revolution in the period of 1918 to 1924.

At the start of the establishment of the Bolshevik government, Lenin and Trotsky saw the creation of the Cheka (All-Russian Commission for Suppression of Counter Revolution, Sabotage and Speculation) as a necessary tool of government.

An order to all soviets on 22 February 1918 announced, from the Cheka, that, "all members...connected in one form or another with counter-revolutionary organizations...are to be shot on the spot...when caught red-handed in the act."1This created much terror among the Soviets as it gave the Cheka the power to kill and arrest any suspect of counter-revolution. 10 million people disappeared due to arrest, massacre and deportation.

Some of the Bolsheviks' first actions were to create equality between the people. There were decrees signed to abolish all Classes, titles, national-religious privileges and disabilities, Ranks of all Military Men, and private property in productive resources.2 This abolishment allowed women more equality in the workforce, and more freedom in personal and sexual relations. Workers were given insurance and control of the industry. The government also placed tremendous...