Russian Standard Vodka: Strategies for global branding and expansion into the US Market.

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Business Report

Russian Standard Vodka: Strategies for global branding and expansion into the US


I. Executive summary

Mission statement

Founded in 1992, Roust Inc. first business was the distribution of imported goods into the Russian market.

Taking advantage of the perestroika and glasnost, Roustam Tariko used his knowledge of the Russian market to

develop imported spirit consumption, and even get exclusive distribution of Martini & Rossi products.

Being focused on discretionary goods know available to enriching Russians, even at high prices, Roust Inc.

became the leading importer of upmarket alcoholic drinks in Russia, one of the world's biggest market. From Ferrero

to Smirnoff, Roustam Tariko took advantage of Russia's opening to the global market in order to become one of its

top distributors.

In 1998, Roust Holdings Ltd. launched a new business unit, Russian Standard, a vodka brand and a bank, with

the stated goal of setting new standards of world-class quality, using Russian image as a global market advantage.

Russian Standard mission is to make Roust Holdings Ltd. a billion dollar company within ten years while conveying a

premium image based on Russian values.

Current situation

Russian Standard is now developing in the global market, especially wide markets for spirits, such as the US.

Being leader in premium vodka brands in its local market, it is now expanding abroad. Its strong Russian identity

should be an asset, as it is the only premium quality vodka brand. Being a top brand in its local market, while

benefiting from Roust Inc. incomes, it has enough funds to develop its market shares on the global market.

Local market

Russia is the world's vodka market leader. Vodka consumption is a cultural aspect of Russian behavior. As a

meal accompaniment as well as guest greeting beverage, vodka...