Ryanair: Objectives and Risks

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 About the Company

Ryanair operates a low-fares scheduled passenger airline serving short-haul, point-to-point routes in Europe. It's been in operation since 1985 and pioneered the low fares operation model by the 1990s. According to statistics obtained from the company's website, its Europe's biggest low fares airline, the most successful and dynamic as well as the number one in customer service. This is evidence in the fact that it has consistently achieved a compound annual growth of 20% since 1991 with a current market capitalisation of 5bn, ahead of British Airways ( 4.3bn), Lufthansa ( 4.7bn) and Air France/KLM ( 3.5bn), and with statistics in customer service of 93.2% on time departures, 0.64% of bags missing per 1000 passengers and 99.8% on flight completions.

Ryanair Provides flights across 21 European countries with operations in 107 airports throughout Europe, including 24 locations in the U.K. and Ireland. By the end of March 2006, it will operate a fleet of 107 new Boeing 737-800 aircrafts with orders for a further 70 new Boeing 737-800.

Currently, Ryanair carries over 35m passengers cross 21 European countries and over 267 low fare routes at the lowest price. Current employment stands at 3,000 comprising of over 25 different nationalities.

The company recently announced a recorded half year profit figure (year 2006) of 237million with a traffic growth of 29% to 18million passengers. Its current market performance is illustrated in the table below;

Summary Table of Results (IFRS) - in Euro

Half Year Ended Sept 30, 2004 Sept 30,2005 % Increase

Passengers 14.0m 18.0m 29%

Revenue 710.3m 946.2m 33%

Profit after Tax (note 1) 201.2m 237.0m 18%

Basic EPS (Euro Cents) (note1) 26.49 31.00 17%

Note 1: Adjusted profit after tax and EPS during the half year ended 30 September 2005 excludes a receipt, net...