"Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff"

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I thought this play was very entertaining and really made you think. It was definitely not a typical play you would see. It really had no set story or set plot. It did have some mini stories embedded within but no set plot was apparent to me. It just kind of ended with nothing really accomplished except your thoughts stirred.

The structure of this play is somewhat circular in manner. Really nothing is accomplished except a crazy night of fun and debauchery. Some feelings are hurt and people are soured but in all no harm is done. They really delve into where you are in your life and where you want to be. It makes you realize that life truly is short and there is no point settling for less than your dreams.

George and Martha are an aging couple that have settled with each other. Now they are not truly happy except when they are putting each other down.

They both are controlling and conniving. I would say this day in age they wouldn't stay married because divorce is only an 800 number away. Nick and Hunni are newlyweds with inner secrets but they play the classic part of Frat boy and Sorority girl. They are fresh from college and don't truly understand the inner workings of University life.

The author was trying to show classic early 60's American life. It definitely shows the classic American social lubricant of alcohol. Liquid courage is prevalent throughout this play. This could be a great story if updated with today's social system. I think the author's intention was to make you think about your life and he did a great job with that.

I had a little problem with the diction in this play. They had a strange type of accent that...