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Structure of Business organization Job definition.

The job description tells you the total requirements regarding the job, it tells what the job is, what its purpose is, what it entails, the duties, activities and responsibilities attached to it; and the position within the formal structure of the organization. The job description can be valuable as an aid for recruitment and selection.

Within the Glasgow college of Nautical Studies the lecturers will have a job description where they tell them about what the college requires from them, what they will be teaching etc. The college lecturer will not only have this job description the library, reception will also have a job definition.

Job Specialisation There are variety of tasks within their specialties which they take pride in, regards of the finished products as it emerges.

A organization structure is used to co-ordinate and divide up the different types of work carried out within an organization.

By having a structure it defines tasks there is authority and responsibility within the members of an organization.

The dimensions of an organization structure can be identified in a number of ways, which include group activities, the responsibilities of individuals, levels of hierarchical authority, span of control and formal relationships.

The Scaler and Hierarchy Principle There are levels of an organisational structure at the top of which is the managers responsible for the operations of the entire organisation these managers. In an organization the majority of control is applied through a hierarchical structure. In an organization managers are also known as the Chief Executive Officers or Executive Directors. The lower ranking managers are located down the various levels of the organisation. The Classical organisation theory established the scalar or hierarchical principles that refers to it as the vertical division of authority and responsibility that is within...