It's an essay on supporting that condoms should be distributed in public schools.

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Condoms Should Be Distributed In Schools

- Think back when you were once at prom & you were with that special someone. As the night goes on it gets better and better and you have a feeling that you'll end up alone caught up in the moment, and thanks to the president of your class there is a condom in your prom gift bag. This is what happened at Blake High School. Lissette Stanley decided to sneak condoms in the gift bags b/c she knew that some of her classmates were going to have sex, but at least now they were going to have safe sex. Lissette Stanley was punished for this action. Later that week, students came up to her and thanked her for the condom and said that thye used it, and would have had sex without it if she hadn't put it in the bag. From an article in the Tampa Tribune.

According to the National Coalition To Support Sexuality Education "More than half of American teenagers have had sexual intercourse and face significant sexual health risks. Each year, over one million teenagers become pregnant, one in seven teenagers contract an STD, and one in five hundred students on collage campuses are infected with HIV."

The quote shows why there needs to be condom availability in schools. Children are having sex earlier that ever, babies are having babies, and worst of all people are dying. Students are embarrassed to go buy condoms, they are too expensive, or they do not know where to buy them. Many people dispute distributing condoms in the school. Sexually active teens are at the highest risk for contracting HIV. We must provide children with condoms if we want to protect society from this disease called AIDS.

The HIV/AIDS Surveillance...