Who's at Fault: the Athletes, or We the People?

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Do salaries reflect how society values an individual? Athletes are clearly overpaid in today's society. Is this the athlete's fault though?

There are men and women who risk their lives everyday and receive a salary hardly comparable to that of an athlete. This is the case because fans are willing to buy tickets to games and buy products endorsed by athletes. The reason for these outrageous salaries lies within each and every person who contributes in paying large amounts to support our professional athletes.

Today, athletes find themselves to be above the law. We can hardly blame the athletes for this though. We let them get away with whatever they choose, because we want them back on the field performing how they are used to performing. If they are punished, it is only a short amount of time. This is unfair.

It is your everyday American who complains constantly that athletes are overpaid, yet they are the same ones who pay hundreds if dollars to watch them play in their games.

The truth is, why shouldn't they accept all of the money they are offered? They are just taking what is handed to them. No crime there.

The work your average American does for

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees became the highest paid baseball player by signing a contract for a 10 yr. deal paying $252 million.

Our country is completely overrated. America has the armed services hopping from country to country protecting our nation as a whole, doctors curing the sick, and policemen and firemen saving lives on a daily basis. With that in mind, picture those athletes getting paid millions to play a silly game.

What happened to rewarding those who benefit society? Athletes do not help society in any way, so why do they deserve...