It's about the increase of female criminals as a result of changing gender roles in society today.

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Criminology 1100

Women and Crime

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Mr. Elechi

Date: 1999 November 20 WOMEN AND CRIME

Criminology 1100

Nov. 20, 1999

The society in which we live, is composed of many rules and values. Gender roles are no exception. These so-called 'roles' have been in existence throughout the centuries. As children, we are taught what is appropriate conduct for boys and girls. Boys are taught to be aggressive and masculine, while girls are taught to be passive and feminine. From day one, women are taught to conform to such feminine expectations. Although men provide more of a menace to society, women are instructed how to behave. A good woman is to be a wife and a mother. The majority of women accept theses prescribed roles in life, however, there are some that refuse to conform. As women become more liberated in the modern day world, and more involved in full time jobs, the chances of them getting involved in types of crimes for which their jobs provide them with, increase.

Some occupations such as bank managers, stock brokers, etc. provide greater opportunities for criminal activities. As women gain liberation and assume traditional male roles in society, they begin to assert themselves in male ways such as acting aggressively, being pushy and hardheaded. More and more women rebel against social inferiority and, aggressively pursue masculine goals of success and power. They learn to use crime as a short-cut to success. Economic pressures, combined with increasing numbers of female headed households, lead women to seek benefits of criminal activity as alternatives to hard work.

Today women are more likely to become partners and entrepreneurs in crime than in the past. Traditionally women played subservient roles in the crime scene. They worked under the direction of men such as pimps, for example. Mostly...