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A Memorable Teacher

Class B Ivy

I have written many moving stories about my teachers. Chinese teachers, like Chinese parents, tend to move kids by their hard work and devotion. However, Ms. Zeng was an exception. She was ferocious.

Ms. Zeng had been the math teacher in my grade for the whole elementary school period. Every kid could recognize the sound of her high-heels. It was strong and steady; a sign of power and prestige, it turned every noisy classroom she passed into a silent one.

Her hair was very likely done by a talented hairdresser; it was curled and bushy, and went perfectly with her lion-like face. Her lips were thin, which, in Chinese eyes, indicated her high skill in language. No kids were free from Ms. Zeng's creative scolding. From being scolded by her, I had learned over ten Cantonese expressions of carelessness just in my first month in that school.

Standing in front of Ms. Zeng, you felt uneasy about being too big. She was a stocky middle-aged woman. When you were not shorter than her any more, it was time to be concerned about "the size of your brain". Because if it didn't go with the size of your body, Ms. Zeng would add this accusation into her scolding--"why are your arms and legs this well-developed while your brain is this undeveloped?!"

The math class was the least and also the most disciplined of all the classes. You could give your opinion without raising your hand; you could challenge others' ways of working out a problem; and the most exciting part was you could rush to the blackboard to write down your process if you finished the practice quickly. However, if you were idly talking under Ms. Zeng's eyes, sooner or...