It's about a man who is going to commit suicide.

Essay by catharsis December 2003

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He is waiting at the railway station sitting on a half broken bench alone. Suddenly the cool breeze of November night sends shivers down his spins. He trembles a bit and looks around the station for the third time. No wonder it offers him the same scenario, a dilapidated old house facing the dirty, deserted platform surrounded by the darkness of night. He tries to remember the name of this station but fails. "Well, why do I need to know the name? All I need is the passing through of a train," utters the man slowly. And then looks at the mist outside the station so eagerly that hardly anyone else would have waited for a train with such an excitement before.

The thought that he is committing suicide tonight and thereby, getting relieved from all the earthly obligations fills his heart with a celestial tranquility. "Oh! I'm so happy..."

he shouts with a sigh of relief. Suddenly a movement underneath the bare tree just beside the house catches his sight. He starts walking to the tree and finds an old man covered with a tattered blanket.

"It must be a hallucination...some kind of trick of this mist and darkness" he soothes himself after seeing the ragged old man's face that horribly matches with his grandfather. He was only 4 when his grandfather died. Now this sudden appearance of the holy apparition in such a moment surprises him a lot. "What could probably be the reason?" wonders he with a curious mind. His thought breaks off by the sound " Water...water..." He looks at the old face and something happens to him. The dark night, isolated station, his decision, this mysterious old man...all these things cross his mind like a quick flash of light and he feels mesmerized. "Water...