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The Steps in Choosing a Name

Today, most parents have trouble thinking of a name for their baby, so they use other references such as web sites and books. Those who have a more traditional family might choose a family members' name, possibly their mother's or father's. in recent years, parents have gone for a more unique name than a classical one. This year, the name Madison, which originally started out as a last name, was most popular among parents. Choosing a name is very important, and there are many different steps in selecting one.

I recently browsed a web page indicating that the top five most popular names for boys were biblical. Some of the names were Nicholas, Jacob, and Joseph. I believe that if a parent chooses to give a child a biblical name, then he or she would have a sense of tradition. If the child and his or her parents are religious, the child might also want to look to the Bible from which his or her name comes.

Knowing this, the child can feel a greater bond between God and them.

In school, children who bear a classical name, such as Mary and James, will not have as much trouble as those with ethnic names, such as Almethia and JaShawn. Children with ethnic names will have to deal with the teacher mispronouncing their name. They might also experience difficulty spelling it during their early childhood years.

As the child grows into an adult and seeks some type of employment, there name will not encumber this process if given a classical name. In an article called, "What's in a name?", the staff members of NBER, conducted a study taking five hundred resumes from online job boards and evaluating them by experience and education. The applicant's...