"It's Not Worth It".

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Sixteen-year-old Jessica Warrens was the perfect teenager- good grades, homecoming queen, great figure, and good friends. What more could a girl ask for? Then around December of 1999 things got bad. Jessica had noticed she had gained a little weight and wasn't happy with it. She let it go until she noticed she had gained an additional five pounds. Her mother, Sandra Warrens, had realized she had gained some weight, but wasn't worried about it because she knew this was normal for a teenage girl, but Jessica was. She decided to take things into her own hands. After each meal she would sneak upstairs into the bathroom and gag herself, throwing-up everything she had just eaten. She thought she'd just do this until she had lost the weight she had gained but it didn't exactly work that way. When she tired to stop, she couldn't. Her body had grown accustomed to throwing everything up.

She grew weaker and weaker each week until she finally confronted her parents and told them what she had been doing. They, of course, took her to the family doctor and received the report that Jessica had done too much damage to her body. There was nothing they could "do". One month later Jessica was dead.

Jessica is just one of the many teenage girls who has died from what doctors call Bulimia. In the United States, many girls feel they are too fat, for some reason or other, and end up using a dangerous method, like Jessica, to lose weight. They usually turn to one of the three most dangerous methods. They include: puking everything up, which is known as Bulimia (the method Jessica used), depriving one's self of food, which is Anorexia, and drinking water whenever one is hungry, which...