It's a Research Proposal for Societas Europa organization. Details what is needd to be done to complete the research including expenses. It's just a proposal for a research project!

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Known formally by its Latin name of 'Societas Europeae' (SE), is actually a legal instrument based on European Community law that gives companies the option of forming a European Company.

An SE is be able to operate on a European-wide basis and be governed by Community law directly applicable in all Member States. This unique European Company Statute has been established by two pieces of legislation, namely a Regulation (directly applicable in Member States) establishing the company law rules and a Directive (which will have to be implemented in national law in all Member States) on worker involvement.

The aim is to reach administrative savings and a unique legal structure for the whole European Union market. It will be governed by European Community Law which is directly applicable in all member states and therefore provides legal security in the EU.

Three main issues are crucial to understand when evaluating the chances of SE:

1.The historic development and the legal characterstics as the framework of the SE

2.The role of the European Union once the SE is successfully established

3. Company and corporation areas of interest concerning the SE

Problem Definition

A new legal structure concerning companies is on the way. The question is now whether this legal identity is capable of solving intra-corporational problems in European companies and, if so, whether companies are likely to use the advantages that have risen with this corporate form and boost Europe´s Economy.

Research Design

The primary data research is going to be conducted by interviews with officials of the European Union, information centers and senior managers of European wide operating companies.

The secondary data is obtained by internet search and with the help of the information sources of European Union itself. Additionally public libraries will be searched for relevant information.