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It's Show Time

It was thirty minutes before midnight and I was tired. Tired because it was so late and most of all I was tired of waiting. The momentous event I had been waiting nearly two years was finally here.

The weather had not been pleasant. It rained like cats and dogs all day, and I was afraid that my father wouldn't let me drive since the roads were wet. The moment I heard the latch on the front door of my house close, happiness spread throughout my body. I was so excited that I had trouble unlocking the car door. My fingers fumbled through the numerous oddities my father kept on his key ring. I finally took a deep breath, inserted the key into the hole and unlocked the driver side door. After five minutes of adjusting my seat and the endless line of mirrors I was finally ready to start my long awaited journey.

My fingers slid down the exterior of the nylon-gray strap, the adrenaline was thrusting from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. A small, warm tingly feeling swept over my body. Trembling from the rush of emotions, I hit the release button harder than I intended which set off a series of unfortunate events. The clasp retracted from the holster whipping around like a palm tree in hurricane force winds. My out-stretched hand

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fell victim to the erratic movements of the seatbelt. I reached my hand towards the door but it was quickly withdrawn. My wrist was ensnared in the seatbelt like a wounded

animal in a hunters trap. I freed my trapped hand; but upon doing so, the strap thrashed around and struck the side of my face. Hissing with laughter the seatbelt returned to its'...