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Thug!! George check one opponent into the board and the opponent fell to the ice, "Down and out." Said George, while George was skating to his team's bench the buzzer went off and that was the end of the third period and George's team The Lions won the game.

George is a medium size hockey player, but she's a powerhouse she's stronger than the entire boy's on her team. George is not her real name is Melinda, George is her nickname for short. Her full nickname is George the animal steel. There at a tournament at some city called Spoon Ville.

Back to the locker room where George was putting her equipment away the coach came in the locker room, then went up to George and said to George, "George could you quit knocking out the half of our opponents team, you only have the star players." "Okay then."

Said George. Then George wrapped some black hockey tape around her hockey stick, that's what she does when she knocks somebody out or get's put in the hospital.

When her team were out of the locker room the coach said, "Let's go eat at A&W." They all went over to the A&W and ate and went back to their hotel that was called Spoon in. They didn't want to eat at the hotel's restraunt because all they serve is soup and tea seven days a week.

When they got to their hotel they had 4 rooms beside each other. Only three of the rooms have shaperone that were George is in. George was in charge of course and she made all the boys sleep on the floor, She had the two double-sized bed's she put them together and slept.

In the middle of the night in the room where George was in charge, one of the hockey players woke up to a crackling sound of plastic. He got up from the floor and he heard the sound coming from the bathroom, the light was on you can easily tell because the light was gleaming under the door. He walk to the bathroom door, but he tripped over his teammates but no one woke up. As soon as he got to the bathroom door, he peeked through the keyhole of the door handle and he saw George taking steroids. George teammate who was looking through the door handle and he said out loud, "Steroids!" He ran over his team and fell on the floor just when George opened the door look out and she went back inside and closed the door.

" Wake up people!" Demanded the coach. Then they all got up in exhaustion, one of the teammates asked, "What time is it?" "Ten O'clock, let's go have breakfast and go play our last game of hockey." Said coach. They got dressed and went for breakfast. They got dressed and went for breakfast at Mac Donald's. As soon they were done their breakfast they went to the uniplex.

At the uniplex in the locker room were George was already dressed and on the ice. The game started and George was on the bench going wild like a gorilla on steroids. Then George said "Coach can I go on the ice, because my X-boyfriend is on the other team I want to"¦" She got cut off by one of her teammates that was sitting beside her, "You had a boyfriend now that's unbelievable!" "Shut up or I'll!" Then George got cut off again, but by the coach this time and the coach said, "Okay then go on the ice." Then the coach called one the players off the ice and George went on the ice.

"Know wonder why she doesn't have any more boyfriends." Said her teammate that was sitting beside her.

When she went on the ice she was scooping out their opponents, she saw her boyfriend's long hair sticking out of his helmet. Then she went full speed skating two him and then she crack her hockey stick and stab her X-boyfriend and her X fell to the ground with a pool of blood around him.

"That's what happens when you take steroids." Said one of the teammates that were spying on her in the washroom while she was taking steroids.

She went to jail for 2nd degree murder without parole for twenty years.