S.W.O.T Analysis: NCCU's School of Business

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Thirty three years have past since North Carolina Central University broadened their scope and opened their doors to students seeking a degree in Business Administration and Management. The School of Business was officially established on July 1, 1972. That day marked the end of one era as the Department of Business and Economics under the Undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences (1) and began a new, completely separate entity that would grow into the fully functioning Department that it is today.

Many factors contribute to the successful operation of a School of Business. The process of a student's orientation to Corporate America begins with the vision, mission, and goals from the Dean and his associates. The theories and strategies they develop are passed on to the professors, whose field experience enhances the material taught. The efforts of instructors are supported by the Administrative Assistances. Finally, the complete product of education is presented to the students who are able to benefit from a wealth of knowledge composed of elements from all these groups.

An analysis of a Department such as the School of Business requires a critical examination of all of these factors. There are areas of strength that are clear and identifiable. Weaknesses, or areas of improvement, are evident as well. In addition to the internal and controlled components, a view of the environment affecting the school of business is necessary. The opportunities available for the School of Business to expand followed by their counter parts, the threats, against these strengths and opportunities are included in this analysis.


One strength of the School of Business is the diverse knowledge of educators. N.C. Central University is striving to provide the best educational foundation for students by raising the expectations of the faculty. A doctorate degree is now a requirement for...