Who's in the Wall?

Essay by Ursula McIntyreJunior High, 8th grade January 1997

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At precisely 10:30 A.M. I got a call from a Mr. Machiano saying that while renovating a palace his men found the bones of what seamed to be a human body. When I got to the scene one of his men showed me to the corps. It had dirty, out-of-date clothes draped upon its remains with a piece a rope beside it. I asked Mr. Machiano how the body was discovered.

'My men were knocking down a wall and one of them found a skeleton with a motlry on, and that's when I called you.'

I asked whom he bought the palace from.

'A man I would say in his early eighties, named Montresor.'

I then left to learn about this person.. I found out that

he was living with a cousin right near his old home. I decided to stop

by and ask him a few questions hoping he would remember or know

something. After about an hour of getting 'I do not know. What are you

talking about? Please leave.' I realized this was a waste of time and

decided to go.

The next morning I called Mr. Machiano and asked him to meet me at the palace. As I approached the area where the body was found I began to feel a little queasy. I searched the ground around the body hoping to find some clues. I noticed the sparkle of metal pertruding from the ground. I picked it up and saw it was a gold and diamond ID bracelet with the name Montresor inscribed on it. I decided to do a little more research on this man. I went to the station and asked the secretary to show me the file on any person missing for more than 20 years. The list only had about...